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Kaydi begins every mold design with our customer's needs in mind. Whether those needs are faster cycle times, better part quality, unique mechanical actions or value added automation; our team of skilled engineers has experienced every category of custom mold in the marketplace today. Once the program is complete we stand behind our designs and vigorously support our customers to help them reach their goals. Our philosophy is that no program is complete until the customer's needs have been satisfied.

Moldflow Analysis

 Moldflow allows us to optimize the part design, mold design and manufacturing processes.

Design Process

Our multiple step approach allows us to build quality and specific customer requirements into each design. All phases are verified prior to design release to manufacturing.


Our combination of highly trained personnel.cutting edge technology...and intense focus on quality enables us to successfully complete even the most challenging of custom molds.

We offer 200,000 man-hours per year of grinding, CNC, EDM, and Wire EDM, in addition to a full complement of auxiliary manufacturing functions. Our moldmakers understand the importance of quality and delivery. To meet those goals, each program is carefully planned to provide the most efficient, yet accurate manufacturing approach.

Our manufacturing capabilities are reinforced by a registered quality management system ensuring that our tools meet or exceed your highest standards for tolerance, surface finish, mechanical function, and product requirements.

Test Sampling

Our factory trained set-up and processing technicians have the equipment and ability to test all types of molds prior to shipment. Each sample is recorded in order to provide a documented, proven process with each mold.

We offer first samples, mechanical debug and pre-production runs.

Our goal is simple: Provide a complete mold package that is production ready when it arrives on our customer’s dock.

Press Capabilities

  • • 320Ton – injection volume:928g
  • • 260 Ton - injection volume:800g
  • • 250Ton - injection volume:442g
  • • 230Ton - injection volume:263g
  • • 180Ton - injection volume:334g
  • • 100Ton - injection volume:103g
  • • 80Ton - injection volume:90g
  • • 250Ton – 88g/ 2 Horizontal barrel Hydraulic Clamp 2-Shot Rotary
  • • 30 Ton – 50g Vertical / vertical machine

All are equipped with core pull, valve gate, robots and high heat screw and barrels.


Using quality control tools such as SPC, Gage R & R's, and control planning, Kaydi monitors the production process throughout all phases of manufacturing and guarantees your mold produces the highest quality parts to specification. This process begins with our team feasibility meetings meant to capture all critical quality and functional concerns of the program, which is then used to generate a manufacturing control plan. With this process we guarantee the molds we build meet our customer expectations. This process and our commitment to our ISO 9001 standard is what has given Kaydi the reputation for quality we have today.

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